Worst rebrand ever? myTaxi changes name to ‘Free Now’

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myTaxi has just announced that it will shortly change its name to ‘Free Now’. (This is the result of a merger between Daimler and BMW, alongside brands like car2go, DriveNow and other mobility providers). Now this rebrand might make sense to the corporate bods as it links in with their other brands, but I am not sure consumers will get it?

The Hailo brand was fun wordplay on halo and hail, making it a unique name, easy to search on and easy to remember.

myTaxi has the word taxi in it and most people could guess what it is for just from the name.

‘Free now’ sounds like some kind of discount shopping website with no wording or imagery linking it to the industry it serves. Also the words ‘free’ and ‘now’ are extremely generic … good luck getting featured in google results searching on those terms!

Also, presumably you will still have to pay a fare so it isn’t actually free? They might be meaning ‘free to take you somewhere now‘? Who knows?

We feel that TAXINOW would be better? It fits their ‘…NOW’ brand and at least has the word taxi in it. This would also link better with their previous brand ‘myTaxi’.

We even mocked up a logo for them:

Anyway, their plan is to launch the rebrand in the next few months, lets see if they stick with their original plan or decide to use our logo option?!?

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