Taxi and private hire website aggregator extends listing to include major digital hailing firms

Posted by, a taxi and private hire firm aggregator, has extended its cab listing service to include most major digital hailing companies.

The extended listing now includes taxi firms like Free Now and Gett, plus private hire app companies Uber, Ola and Kapten. These new additions to total up to around 150,000 extra vehicles and will compliment the current 150,000 cabs already listed with the 8,000 plus independent cab firms on the site.

William Berry, CEO of Cabs .com, said: “Digital hailing is here to stay and it makes sense to include the major players. Accordingly, we have added Uber, Bolt, Kapten, Ola, ViaVan, Free Now. Gett, Kabbee, Wheely and Lyft to our website.

“For each company we offer one-click access to vital customer information: background, geographical coverage, operational details, costs and app download. This enables rides to compare prices, waiting times and journey details, not only with other digital hailers, but also with local independent cab firms. already generates significant traffic and bookings for our 8250 listed independent cab firms. We now look forward to extending that benefit to our newly-listed digital hailing companies, an exciting proposition indeed.”

Berry will be speaking at mobility conference MOVE 2020, which is held at Excel in London on February 11-12 2020. His topic will be ‘Cab companies: Banding together to fight back’.

Ahead of the event, Berry added: “A recent survey we conducted among independent cab firms showed that 73% believed digital hailing is the future of the taxi industry and that 52% believe Uber poses a severe or moderate threat.

“The other major aspect of our business addresses both these issues. Our digital hailing platform provides a state-of-the-art despatch system plus the latest driver and consumer apps, allowing independent cab firms to enter the digital market for as little as £30 per month and 10p per ride commission, a tenth of the cost of Uber!”

Car image credit: Pixabay

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